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AP US History Flashcards – Study for the AP Exam with over 1400 APUSH flashcards for PC, MAC, iOS, Android

AP US History Flashcards is a computer program that contains over 1400+ AP US History flashcards! This program offers an inexpensive and effective way to review the material that will be on the AP US History Exam.


What the Program offers:

  • Contains over 1400+ Flashcards
  • You can add your own questions
  • Is a comprehensive review of all the important events, facts, and concepts that a student will need to know to do well on the AP US History Exam.
  • Ability to Print Flashcards
  • Use “Spaced Learning” to put all the information into long term memory.
  • Use the Leitner System to only study information you struggle with. Don’t waste time reviewing information you already know!

Topics Covered in AP US History Flashcards:

Pre-Columbian Societies 35 cards
The Beginning of Colonization  154 cards
French and Indian War / The Road to the Revolutionary War  41 cards
The Revolutionary War  38 cards
Articles of Confederation & the Constitution  54 cards
Jefferson’s Presidency  57 cards
Jackson’s Presidency  66 cards
1840s and 1850s  52 cards
Antebellum Society (North and South)  37 cards
Tension Between the North and South  Leading up to the Civil War  49 cards
Civil War  49 cards
Reconstruction  62 cards
The Frontier  32 cards
Industrialization 1865-1900 42 cards
Urbanization  46 cards
Gilded Age  37 cards
Imperialism in America  35 cards
The Progressive Era  67 cards
WWI  39 cards
The Roaring 20s  42 cards
The Great Depression  18 cards
The New Deal  41 cards
Road to WWII  34 cards
WWII  American Involvment  29 cards
The Cold War  42 cards
1950s  21 cards
Civil Rights Movement  10 cards
Foreign Policy in the 1950s and 1960s  14 cards
Political Ideology from 1960-1969  30 cards
Vietnam  26 cards
1960s Social Rebellion  22 cards
Nixon  29 cards
Post Nixon  the Reagan Years  48 cards
1990s and the 21st Century  42 cards
  Total  1440 cards

AP US History Flashcards goes through all the information that will likely appear on the AP US History Exam.

MAC / Windows

AP US History Flashcards is compatible with Windows (XP, Vista, Win 7) and MAC (OS X 10.4.8 and above).


AP US History Flashcards is compatible with Android devices (Gingerbread and above).

AP US History Flashcards is now compatible with iOS with any device with iOS 4.3 and above. You can study on-the-go with either your iphone, ipod touch, or your ipad.